10687878_1124089920957451_3703951565104255177_oBen Everson is a musical independent Baptist evangelist who is loved for his genuineness and approachability. His ability to work with people from all ages and backgrounds makes him a sought-after speaker at camps, conferences, colleges and special church events.

His musical talents bring a unique compliment to his teaching and preaching. Possessing a lyrical and sweet tenor voice, both his original material and a cappella arrangements (of up to 50 of his own voice) are popular among adults and teenagers.

Ben has ministered in churches from 10 to 6,000. He travels with his family most of the time. They lived in a 5th wheel trailer for 15 years before moving to Pensacola, FL in 2017.

You can hear a sampling of his sermons here. You can read his doctrinal summary here.



It has been my privilege to know the Everson family and watch God at work. Evangelist Ben Everson grew up at Calvary Baptist and was blessed to be placed in a godly Christian home. 

I have seen in Ben a real heart for God and for revival in God’s people even from his High School days. He was active in our Church and Christian School ministries. Amanda comes from a godly missionary family and has a heart for the Lord’s work.

Brother Ben is a good preacher of God’s Word. He has wonderful gifts musically. He would be a great help as an Evangelist to preach in revival meetings, pulpit supply, camp youth or children’s meetings. He has preached in our church and his ministry is a consistent blessing. I am happy to recommend his ministry to you.

Dr. Dan Dickerson, Senior Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, Midland, MI

The music ministry of Ben Everson is spirit-filled and heart touching. We have him minister often at Pensacola Christian College where students, faculty, and staff enjoy his conversational style and humble spirit. We also appreciate his practical approach and thoughtful application of Scripture as he teaches about the philosophy of sacred music.

Dr. Troy Shoemaker, President of Pensacola Christian College