Ben Everson is an independent Baptist evangelist, sent out of his home church Calvary Baptist of Midland, Michigan. He is a composer, singer, and author, and serves as the director of Bible Revival Ministries, Inc., which he began in 1995.

Ben grew up in a musical family and excelled vocally and instrumentally throughout his school days. He developed the ability to create a cappella choirs out of his own voice using cassette recorders and reel-to-reel tape machines in elementary and junior high.

God called him to preach as a 10th grade student in Calvary Baptist Academy. In his high school years, he formed a traveling musical team to accompany him to local churches around mid-Michigan. Ben served with 6 different local churches to gather experience and training in the ministry. At Maranatha Baptist Bible College, God prompted his heart to enter the field of evangelism and revival ministry. After graduating from and serving on staff at Northland Baptist Bible College, he and his wife Amanda expanded their weekend ministry traveling to full-time itinerant revival work.

Over the past 25 years, Ben has written and recorded several hundred songs and arrangements across 25+ albums. Some of his most well-known songs include, “I’ll Pray Again,” “What Manner of Man Is This,” “Don’t You Fear,” and “It’s Your Turn.” His a cappella version of “Complete in Thee” launched a series of four all-a cappella albums beginning in 2009. His music is heard on numerous radio stations around the world.

Ben has written four books: Bible Doctrine for Laymen, Nobody Wants Revival, and Fusses, Fights, & Funerals, and a book on his singing technique, Sweeter Singing.

Ben has worked extensively with Ron and Shelly Hamilton and Majesty Music, Pensacola Christian College, the Academy of Arts Ministries, and other likeminded ministries.

The Eversons have traveled as a family since the beginning. Ben and his wife Amanda have four children: Miles, Elena, Daren, and Brandon. Ben was ordained out of his home church in Midland. They currently travel out of Pensacola, FL. Ben is an avid Michigan State Spartan fan and also watches boxing whenever he can.

Evangelist Ben Everson & his wife Amanda

Evangelist Ben Everson & his wife Amanda

Director of Bible Revival Ministries, Inc.

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