More than Anywhere Else

Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, even YouTube does not carry our entire lineup of music. Only on the app will you hear our entire library of music. We are even going back into projects that are out of production and uploading those into the listening library.


Frankly, we don’t trust non-Christian companies to be the caretakers of our music. We understand the need for companies to make a profit and that means they will run ads on our music. But we wanted to make a way that you could listen without ever having to hear an advertisement.

Making Music Costs $$

We are praying that this app will help support our family in ministry. Thank you for being a part in helping us help God’s people!

$4.95 Per Month, Secure Setup through PayPal

I’ve worked hard to make this an easy and secure process. Once you set up your account, it runs itself without any strain on your devices!

Click to head to to subscribe to the App and start listening to our library of music!

How to Subscribe and Set Up the App

How to for a laptop/desktop computer

How to for an Android phone or tablet


The Ben Everson Music App is a progressive web app. This allows it to be used on any phone, tablet, or computer and takes up much less space than a traditional app from an app store. It is important to sign up from specific browsers for it to get set up properly. 

iPhone users: click the link in Safari

Android users: click the link in Chrome

Computer users: click the link in Chrome

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