Ben & Amanda Everson

Upcoming Events | October 2020
Revival Meetings & Conferences
October 4 – 7
Rivesville Baptist Church, Rivesville, WV

We will be preaching and singing all day Sunday, and Monday through Wednesday nights.


October 8 & 9
7:30 PM The Eversons at Pensacola Christian College Livestream

In 2018, we gave a feature concert at PCC. This concert is currently only available streaming from time to time. To watch, come to our Ben Everson Facebook Page.


October 11 – 14
Cross Lanes Bible Church, Cross Lanes, WV

We will be preaching and singing for the morning service Sunday, as well as Monday through Wednesday evenings. 


October 25
Midland Baptist Church, Midland, MI

For the 12th year in a row, we will be back with Midland Baptist all day Sunday singing and preaching.


October 31
Agape Pregnancy Center, La Crosse, WI 
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