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Watch the latest Bible message from Evangelist Ben Everson. Whether it is from his living room or a church pulpit, Ben’s messages are Scriptural and encouraging for wherever you find yourself today.

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Have you trusted Christ?

This is the the ultimate question in your life! How can you know God? It all starts here. I shot this video without any edits, music, lights, fog, special effects, or gimmicks. This is straightforward and direct. I’ll share with you the plain truth of what God’s Word says. Then it will be up to you to make a choice.

What is a modern hymn?

There are a lot of opinions flying around these days about what constitutes a hymn. Because I write, study, and speak about music, I frequently come across questions about what hymns are and whether...

A Word from Ben

be encouraged

Spiritual Growth

It takes time.

None of us would begrudge a child for not being able to drive, to hold a steady job, or fix a car. (I’m an adult and I still can’t fix a car!) It is a good thing, though, for a child to learn more as they get older. 

It is the same thing in our spiritual lives. It isn’t where you are, it’s what direction you’re headed. I hope the content on my website will help you grow at whatever pace you’re at right now.

Just keep growing. That’s what counts.

~ Ben


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