Be Encouraged: I Love Jesus But Don’t Like All That Doctrine!

Is Loving Jesus More Important Than Learning Doctrine?

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I’ve heard this statement. Have you? It sure sounds good! Isn’t loving God the greatest commandment? Yes—but that doesn’t negate the need for studying the doctrine of Scripture. In fact, sound doctrine helps us love Jesus more because we know him better. Here are three reasons we must not neglect the study of doctrine:

  • Sound doctrine helps us identify truth. What does God’s Word say and what does that mean for me?
  • Sound doctrine helps us identify error. What does God’s Word not say and how can we know if a teacher is mishandling the Bible?
  • Sound doctrine helps us correct error. What does God’s Word teach us about correcting the errors we find in our own belief and practice?

If we truly love Jesus, we will want to accurately understand, articulate, and follow the teaching of his Word.