Advance Material

Refresh Meetings

with Evangelist Ben Everson & Family


It is a privilege to work with your church! We hope that our time with you will be an encouragement to you and to your people. We have streamlined the preparatory material so that it is easily understandable and ready to go. If you have any questions, please ask!


Financial Requests

We kindly ask for a travel expense check of $325 made out to Bible Revival Ministries. This can be given to us upon our arrival. We also kindly request the church make it possible for those who come have opportunity to give toward a love offering collected each night throughout the week. At the end of the week, the amount can be given to us in check form or cash. If it is a check, it should be made out to Bible Revival Ministries. If you have concerns about what a minimum offering should look like, drop me an email and we can talk about it.


For 15 years, we traveled in a fifth-wheel trailer. In 2017, we sold our fifth-wheel in order to get a regular house to have a home base. We needed this to address health issues for my wife. We do not yet have a replacement fifth-wheel.

We request a hotel, separated prophet’s chamber, or mission house for lodging our family. Please do not house our family with another family. This is a need for both privacy and health reasons. If you have any questions about our need in this regard, please feel free to give us a call.

If this is a problem for you, please contact us immediately so we can work on a solution.


We have altered our eating plans due to time constraints. We live in meetings almost year-round, and with the evening meetings coupled with homeschooling during the day, we are asking that we no longer eat meals at families’ homes. We are sad to make this choice, but we believe it is in the best interest of our family at this stage. We do very much enjoy going out to any number of restaurants for fellowship after an evening service. This is when we eat supper anyway. Ben is on a special low carbohydrate diet to combat acid reflux. Amanda is also on a low carbohydrate diet to help with her epilepsy.

Nightly Meetings

We are most often engaged for weekly meetings. We will bring music and a message for the Sunday morning service. Beginning Sunday night and running through Wednesday night, we ask that the preliminaries be shortened as much as possible. We prefer one congregational number to welcome people and then the remainder of the service time we will fill with music and preaching. I will gladly provide piano offertories for each service.

We do not provide a separate children’s program.

We will set up our BOSE sound system for our music during the week. Here you can see a video of our setup.


We can now present a concert during the course of a week of meetings. Most often we do this on Tuesday evenings. This allows other like-minded churches to participate if they would like. These are bona fide concerts, and they are 100% music. They run approximately 60 minutes. I will not be preaching a message on the concert night, although we may give testimonies interspersed with the music. Please feel free to keep the preliminaries to a minimum.

Sunday Only/Concert Only

We also can be engaged for a one-day Sunday meeting. We also are often engaged for only an evening concert. The travel expense is the same ($325) and the lodging needs are the same.

Promotional Material

We have images for creating advertising materials on our music website, This includes a full-size concert poster where you can fill in your own church dates.


You are welcome to record the messages I preach during the week. If you will be putting them online I would like to know. A couple of the messages I preach utilize a projector screen if you have one available. I can connect via VGA or HDMI off my iPad. We use only the King James Version in all aspects of our ministry.

Other Preparation Ideas

Thanks to my friend, Evangelist John R. Van Gelderen for these good ideas.

  • Advance Announcements:  Announce the dates of the meeting right away if you have not done so already, and encourage everyone to clear their schedules for the meeting.  Seeking the Lord corporately should be clearly portrayed as something of vital importance.
  • Bulletin Announcements:  Begin bulletin announcements at least six weeks prior to the meeting – the more set off and emphasized, the better. Suggested bulletin insert ideas are included in this packet.
  • Media:  Send news releases to area newspapers and local radio stations (even local cable stations). Include the “What?  Where?  and When?” information.  If you send information on your own church letterhead, it may be better received because it emphasizes the local nature of the meeting.
  • Flyers:  Make available attractive half-sheet or even card-size flyers for your people to use in inviting others to the meetings.  These may also be used as bulletin inserts.  Include the “What?  Where? and When?” information. 3×5 card-size invitations are perhaps more useable for most people.
  • Other Churches:  Send flyers to local churches in your area if you so desire.
  • Announcements:  Begin announcing and promoting at least six weeks prior to the meeting. It may be wise not to put the announcements regarding the meeting in the midst of other regular announcements – the more set off and emphasized, the better.
  • Banner:  If you desire, put a banner regarding the meeting in the auditorium and/or outside your church building.
  • Pastoral Letter:  A letter bearing your heart about the meeting could be sent out to your church folk about two weeks prior to the meeting.

Thank you!

We will be looking forward to partnering with your church. We want to be a genuine encouragement and blessing to you and your people.