The Strand Study Bible, the product of over 30 years of research by Pastor Brad Strand, is a refreshing addition to the array of study Bibles available to Christians who desire to learn more of the Lord Jesus Christ through His Word.

Unlike the cookie cutter study Bibles cranked out by the large Christian publishers where a few pages of notes from a Christian celebrity are added to a standard text, the Strand Study Bible is totally different! It is a brand new study Bible with a fresh look at the text, where the quality of the scholarship and understandability to the laymen are key. There are many distinctive features of the Strand that are not found in other study Bibles. With such innovations as the references to, and the words, of each member of the Trinity being color-coded, detailed book introductions and a wealth of chronological information, there is a plethora of material for the Bible student to sink his or her teeth into. Another plus is how modern technology is imbedded into every page, including the satellite maps. All the while it is based upon the venerable King James Version text.

First and foremost, the Strand Study Bible is Christ–centered. The Lord Jesus Christ is the theme of the Bible, as He is the living Word of God. One cannot help but become better acquainted with the Lord Jesus through studying the Strand.

Just as the original Scofield Reference Bible broke much new ground in 1909, the Strand Study Bible is sure to raise the bar in how we evaluate study Bibles in 2011. It is written on a level where every Christian should be able to understand it, yet it presents the deep issues of Scripture and the things of God in a way that whets the appetite of even theologically trained individuals.

Another area that distinguishes the Strand above other currently available study Bibles is the way in which Brad Strand has addressed contemporary issues such as the origins of the universe, feminism, philosophy/atheism, false religions, spiritual gifts, global warming, Calvinism, freewill, and the death penalty all in a Biblical manner that doesn’t detract from the study of the Word.

The Strand also contains a fresh look at the progressive, chronological development of the people of God through Israel and the Church. As with any work, one may not agree with every conclusion made, but every issue that is dealt with is handled thoughtfully with Scriptural and other support.

The Strand Study Bible is a breath of fresh air to the ever-growing study Bible market. The Strand will most certainly be a welcome addition to the library of any Christian who desires to develop a fuller knowledge of the Bible and, most importantly, to draw nearer to the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. I truly believe that the Strand Study Bible will force the major publishers to rethink their approach to study Bibles.

The Strand Study Bible is faithful to the text but clearly relevant to Christians [today]. It is solid in its presentations of doctrine, and is especially helpful and insightful in dealing with the critical doctrines of soteriology (salvation) and eschatology (Bible prophecy) extensively, dealing with both those prophecies already fulfilled, as well as those yet to fulfilled. I heartily recommend the Strand Study Bible and know that God will use it in a mighty way.

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