The Everson Family

Evangelist Ben and Amanda Everson are second generation servant leaders who come from families that have served in churches, Christian colleges, and on the mission field. Ben is son of Dr. Dana Everson, a beloved pianist, saxophonist, arranger, and music educator in Bible-believing circles since 1972.

Ben is known for his clear, smooth solo voice, his rich, harmonic a cappella “vocal orchestrations”, and his ability to produce an artistic style that is biblically balanced and appropriate for worship. Amanda is the oldest of seven and has been singing since she was seven. She has a rich alto tone that blends seamlessly with Ben’s. Their arrangements are creative and unique, yet rich and heartfelt.

Evangelist Everson’s primary focus is preaching the Word of God in a way that is both enjoyable and understandable. It comes with strong biblical application. In his own words he shares his heart, “The overall goal of my life is to encourage, inspire, and motivate conservative, Baptistic Christians to reach their full potential for Christ. The two primary ways I try to do this are through music and ministering the Word of God through preaching and teaching!”

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